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Spanish Syllable Blend Cards Bundle

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SAVE $$$ with this 3-in-1 bundle! Support your beginner readers with these Spanish syllable blend cards. It includes cards for simple, two-syllable words, two-syllables words with blends, and three syllable words. They are great for beginner readers working on blending Spanish syllables. Students will place their finger on each dot as they make the sounds. Then they will swipe their finger across the arrow as they blend the sounds together. When they are done reading the word, they check the picture to see if they read it correctly. 

This resource has been teacher-tested and approved, downloads in a secure PDF file, has an easy prep format, includes blackline versions, is easy to differentiate, can be used during mini-lessons, at learning centers or during guided reading groups.

This resource has also been kid-tested and approved, uses kid-friendly fonts and graphics, is a great student reference tool, includes an interactive component, and has large pieces for small hands.


LANGUAGES: English + FREE Spanish version (for teachers who need it)