Funny Sentence Building Center 1
Funny Sentence Building Center 1
Funny Sentence Building Center 1
Funny Sentence Building Center 1

Funny Sentence Building Center 1

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Make writing fun with this funny sentence building resource. Your kids will be laughing as they build silly sentences with these cards. Students can build sentences on the table, or you can use the sentence building grids. You can use the pieces loosely or clip each sentence part together on a ring to form three sets for students to flip through. In the end, you can reinforce writing skills by having them write their sentences on the sheets we included or in their notebooks. It´s great for both beginner writers or struggling writers.

NOTE: This resource is very similar to our 4-Part Funny Sentences. The only difference is that instead of building sentences with 4 cards, students will only use 3 cards to create shorter, more simple sentences. Please note that all of the sentence subject, verb and direct object card choices are the same in both packs. These resources work great side-by-side as a way to differentiate for students with different writing levels.

This resource has been teacher-tested and approved, downloads in a secure PDF file, has an easy prep format, includes blackline versions, is easy to differentiate, works great for large or small groups, can be used during mini-lessons, at learning centers, during guided reading groups or to support writers workshop.

This resource has also been kid-tested and approved, uses kid-friendly fonts and graphics, includes an interactive component, uses easy-cut formatting for young learners, has large pieces for small hands and includes large writing spaces for beginner writers with primary line options.

2 sentence building grids
32 subject cards (big and small)
32 verb cards (big and small)
32 direct object cards (big and small)
Differentiated stationary (with primary lines and single lines)

LANGUAGES: English + FREE Spanish version (for teachers who need it)