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Classroom Jobs Pocket Chart

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Teach students responsibility with these 67 classroom helper cards. It was designed flexibly so that you can use it to meet your needs. They were designed to fit in standard pocket charts, but can also be used in many other ways. If they are going to be used repeatedly by students, we recommend that you also laminate them for added durability.

This resource has been teacher-tested and approved, downloads in a secure PDF file, has an easy prep format, includes blackline versions, and is easy to differentiate to meet your needs.

This resource has also been kid-tested and approved, uses kid-friendly fonts and graphics, is a great student reference tool, includes an interactive component and empowers students to be responsible for their classroom and school supplies.

67 classroom helper cards

agenda manager, alphabet leader, attendance helper, backpack patrol, bathroom monitor, cafeteria helper, calendar captain, centers captain, chair captain, class representative, cleaning crew, computer technician, cubby patrol, desk patrol, doctor, door holder, drink monitor, duster, electrician, eraser, flag holder, folder checker, game organizer, gardener, germ fighter, greeter, hall monitor, homework checker, iPad technician, iPod technician, librarian, line ender, line leader, locker patrol, lunch counter, materials manager, messenger, morning announcer, morning leader, music DJ, news reporter, on vacation, paper collector, paper passer, pencil sharpener, photographer, pledge leader, pointer, prayer leader, quiet monitor, recess monitor, recycler, sink monitor, snack helper, stations captain, sweeper, table captain, table washer, teacher assistant, technology assistant, telephone operator, time keeper, trash collector, travel agent, veterinarian, weather reporter plus blank cards

LANGUAGES: English + FREE Spanish version (for teachers who need it)



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