Fall Candy Corn Math Activities

I love adding a handful of candy corn to my math lessons in the fall! I like to use them to teach skills like number sense, skip counting, estimation and basic operations. You can use them just like you use a lot of your other math manipulatives on a daily basis.

Here is a list of some of the ways I like to use candy corn with my students during math time. Just make sure that kids wash their hands and have a clean surface to work on so that they can have a sweet treat when they’re done.

Number Sense: Count out the correct number of candy corn to match numbers on flashcards, or use them as manipulatives for ten frames.

Skip Counting: Count a large number of candy corn by grouping the pieces into groups of 5s or 10s and then skip counting to find the total.

Estimation: Fill a jar with candy corn. Ask students to estimate how many pieces they think are in the jar. Then count them together as a whole class.

Basic Operations: Use the candy corn as counters for simple addition or subtraction problems. Or divide up a large amount of candy corn to count collaboratively in small groups and then add up the total.

Happy Teaching
Nicole Sanchez