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12 Reasons Why Teachers are Heroes

Nicole Sanchez on

I have been reflecting on what it truly means to be a teacher. I know from experience that being a teacher isn't easy. In fact it can be a very challenging, stressful job, but I continue doing it because I love it. After further reflection on the topic, I came to the conclusion that...

1. Teachers are hard-working. Their day starts well before students arrive, and often ends well after they go home. It's not your typical 9-5 work day.

2. Teachers are caring. They go above and beyond to ensure each and every student feels a sense of belonging in their class.  

3. Teachers are passionate. They teach with enthusiasm because they love what they do and who they teach.

4. Teachers are humble. They work long hours without any expectation for increased pay or recognition. 

5. Teachers are positive. No matter how challenging their job is they always manage to greet students with a warm smile and kind words.

6. Teachers are generous. Not only do they spend their own money on supplies and materials, but many also donate their extra time.

7. Teachers are determined. They don’t give up until they find ways to reach every one of their students no matter how long it takes.

8. Teachers are innovative. They are always finding new ways to make learning more fun, engaging and effective.

9. Teachers are patient. They always take the time to help students who need extra support. 

10. Teachers are adaptable. They are able to adjust their plans at the last minute due to the most unexpected events.

11. Teachers are resourceful. They find ways to create meaningful lessons with very little materials, time and money.

12. Teachers are inspirational. They motivate their students to become life-long learners by showing an example of continuing their own education while educating others.

So now we must ask, what would one call a hardworking, caring, passionate, humble, positive, generous, determined, innovative, patient, adaptable, resourceful, inspirational individual? A teacher of course, because teachers are heroes!

Happy Teaching,
Nicole Sanchez